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Asia Financings

Agents and Investors required for our Aditya offering, returning 10-15% PA. With a Corporate Bond Secured against real estate.

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Introduction to The Aditya Group.

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The Aditya Group comprises of a well-established group of companies with a 34 years history specialising in education and sports in India with diversified businesses in hospitality and catering. They currently managing over a dozen businesses across four countries. The NON-ASSET business is valued at US$57 Million.

The group has eight private schools one of which has a football stadium within its grounds. A chain of restaurants, Hotels, land and more. The company has total real estate assets of $120 million.

The company is profitable but they have now decided to expand and improve the properties and importantly develop spare land. The initial offering is to raise $3.5 million against $5.55 million of their assets as collateral. That is 65% Loan to Value. The deeds will be held with a top law firm who, will sell the assets in the unlikely case of default. 8-12% PA return on investment. Interest can be paid anywhere tax free. A better deal than a UK bank. Or 15% compound.

All collateral assets are valued by CBRE ( The largest multinational commercial real estate services and investment firm in the world.

Legal contracts are written by, and all collateral asset title deeds will be held in Escrow during the investment period by C&C Associates leading advocates and solicitors in New Delhi India, with associate offices in Singapore, UK and Australia.

I think we all know that Asia is out growing the west and India’s economy is set to pass the UK. Why not capitalise on it?

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