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We only think it fair to warn you, we believe that prices will fall. There will be thousands of condos coming on the market over the next couple of years. We do not want you coming back to us claiming we sold you wrong, but it is your decision.

The facts.

Bangkok Bank, concerns of glut, read Bangkok Post.

The Pattaya property market relies on tourism. Although tourism has crept back since it fell, the numbers are misleading. The numbers are made up of Chinese visitors. The bulk of the Chinese only get one week a year holiday and not a huge amount of disposable income. They come on cheap tours and you can see them being led down walking street by a guide. They do not even go in the bars. They are not spending here, let alone buying condos.
The problem with such a huge number of condos to come on the market, is that developers have a larger markup than you may realise. If prices begin to slide, they can massively discount in order to recover their investment, depressing prices further.

However, it is possible to get 10% return on secure investments here, paying for a rental and some. Enabling you to walk away with your capital. Many of our people are doing this, also saving on maintenance and repairs. You can then wait and buy at much lower prices and it matters not to us if you rent or buy.
The choice is yours. If you still want to buy, visit our property agency:

Just ask for Mr. Simpson.

Or, if you wish to consider protecting your capital; click here.

Star Buy

Just completed and fully furnished one bedroom condo. High quality condo, quiet with limited number of units. 34 Sq. Meters at 55,000 Baht per Sq. Meter. Low rise building on sought after Pratumnak Hill Pattaya. One year to pay,  installments if wished. A good price and location that will fair well against any market loss.

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